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JEFFERSON has been manufacturing solenoid valves, magnetic level switches for over 30 years for industrial automation. Its products have international recognition as attested by the approvals of UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (UL); CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (CSA) and ISO 9001.


  • General Purpose Solenoid Valves.

  • Fuel Oil Valves.

  • Fuel Gas Valves.

  • Manual Reset Valves.

  • Slow Opening and Quick Shut Off Valves for Combustion Gases.

  • 3/2 Valves.

  • 4/3 Valves.

  • 5/2 up to 1 .

  • Namur Valves.

  • High Pressure Valves up to 250 Bar.

  • Cryogenic Valves.

  • Valves for Corrosive Fluids.

  • Auto Drain Valves.

  • Pneumatic Operator.

  • Ex Proof Version.

  • Magnetic Level Switch.

  • Valves for Ammonia.

  • Valves for Freon.

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